The District of Kent now provides you the convenience of these web based services.

  1. You may now claim your Home Owner Grant using the online application process.
  2. You may view general property information.
  3. You may view your personal property information.


The "Login" and "Register" portions of this site are currently under construction.

If you are using Internet Explorer version 10 or earlier, the site may not function as intended.

Claim your HOME OWNER GRANT by following these instructions.

You will need: Your roll number and your Access Code found on your tax notice, and a valid email address. The property roll (folio) number and Access code can be found on the property tax notice.

  1. To claim your HOME OWNER GRANT click here.
  2. The jurisdiction number will default to 310-District of Kent. This may take awhile.
  3. Enter your unique 9 digit roll/folio number.
  4. Enter your Access Code. Click here to see a sample tax notice for positioning of the access code.
  5. Click "Claim Home Owner Grant".
  6. Complete the Home Owner Grant application
  7. Click "CLAIM".
  8. Review your information. Print a copy for your records. Then click “OKAY”

Contact us at 604-796-2235 if you need further information, or assistance in registering.

Property Information

PUBLIC INFORMATION: With Online Services, limited public information is available. Click on the PROPERTY INFORMATION icon above or click here.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Registration is required to view personal information. You need the roll/folio number(s) Access Code(s) found on your tax notice to register. Click here for detailed instructions.

  1. Click the My Account button in the Quick Links box, or Link & Register on the top bar.
  2. Complete the online registration to create your personal account then click the Register button.
  3. Link your personal account(s) to your profile. Click here for detailed instructions.
  4. Following the initial registration, you can log in using the LOGIN icon on the top right.

Contact us at 604-796-2235 if you need further information, or assistance in registering.